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Advisor Launch Lab began in 2023 when a recruiter and a former advisor, who met in 2016 at a broker-dealer, put their heads together to solve a major industry problem:

Next-gen advisor retention.

Too many advisors join financial planning firms and leave after a year for a number of reasons including bad fit, lack of support, undeveloped potential, and many more.

 All of these problems are costly and time-consuming.

More important than hiring the right advisor to join your team, is an environment that supports their growth as an extension of your team. That's where we come in. 

 Advisor Launch Lab is your partner to find, train, and help you retain your next generation of advisors so that you can focus on what you do best—working with clients—leave the rest to us!

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Meet Alanah

I was on the brink of firing an intern in 2017. With my help, he turned everything around and generated over $100k in his first year as an advisor. He's now 4 years in and doing close to $400k. That's when I was sure of the power of a great training process and a caring coach.


I have worked in the financial advising industry for eight years as a recruiter, speaker, and advocate for the next generation of advisors. Most recently, I worked as the National Director of Recruiting at a prominent broker-dealer and continue working closely with The American College of Financial Services co-chairing its Next-Gen Advisory Taskforce. I also host a podcast for up-and-coming financial professionals called Nextgen in 10.

In 2017, I launched Project Inspire which was designed specifically to inspire and educate young women about potential careers in financial services. In six years I’ve helped mentor over 200 college-aged women by helping them take control of their own career trajectories.

When I’m out of the office you can find me soaking up the sunshine in San Diego with my family and three dogs. I’m an avid reader, gym-goer, and baseball fan.

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Meet Brody

I was in line to take over a successful financial planning practice but decided to leave to improve my mental health. I joined a smaller team, got my masters in financial planning, and vowed to never let another advisor feel the way I did before.


I have worked in the personal financial planning industry for over eight years on small teams and at massive multi-billion dollar companies. And in that time I’ve earned a Master of Science in Financial Planning and a Graduate Certificate in Financial Life Planning.

I was a member of the San Francisco Financial Planning Association board first as the Director of NexGen and then shifted over to the Director of Pro Bono. Here I guided new advisors on how to get better connected and my pro bono work has been a highlight of my career. 

Working in both the broker-dealer and RIA side of things, I have seen a lot of what does and doesn’t work for advisors, their staff, and the clients they serve.

When out of the office, I enjoy planning my next global adventure or getting outside for a walk to the beach or hike amongst the trees.

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Meet Lindsey

I witnessed inequity in the workplace working at financial planning practices and decided to leave to advocate on behalf of marginalized groups. This passion developed from growing up in a state that ranked the lowest to for women in the worked place and vowed to never let another advisor feel that way.


I am an advisor by trade and built my career around women and money. I champion the next-generation of advisors through my role as Managing Director and chair of the Center for Women at The American College of Financial Services and co-chair of its Next-Gen Advisory Taskforce. I love to educate and train as it's in my nature to break apart complex issues into bite-sized pieces.

In 2023 I was honored with Investment News' Hot List and 2021's Investment News 40 Under 40. I also volunteer with $AVVY Ladies, which is a pro-bono financial planning nonprofit. 

In my free time, I love practicing yoga, working out, and spending with my family and two kids.


1. Leave things better than you found them

We think it is important to make a positive impact in everything we do. This means a commitment to making you and your team better, continually improving our processes and services, and leaving a profound impact on the next-generation of the financial services industry.

2. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail

We believe thorough preparation is the foundation for success. A launch team has prepared for years in meticulous detail. They hire the right crew and put them in the right seat. All the calculations, simulations, and planning discussions lead to successful launches.

3. Question everything

We encourage curiosity and critical thinking. Just because something has "always been done that way" does not mean it is best. We value diverse perspectives and actively engage in open dialogue to foster inclusion, transparency and new ideas.

4. Radical Transparency

We strive for a more transparent and collaborative environment within the industry. Sometimes this requires having hard conversations. This also looks like open, honest communication providing you with clear insights, feedback, and progress updates throughout the advisor launch journey.

5. Success should be fun

'All work and no play' doesn't work for us. Achieving success should be an enjoyable and fulfilling experience. We celebrate achievements, encourage creativity, and promote work-life balance. We take our work very seriously, but we always remember to laugh and enjoy the ride.

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