I wear a few different hats in the industry but no matter what I'm doing, the goal is to help the people in my network to make more money, have more fun, or preferably both! I'm not a fan of pitch-slapping and sleazy sales tactics. I believe if we share information and educate people they can make the best decisions for themselves. Here are some of the ways I try to create a more transparent, colorful, and fun industry. 

Advisor Launch Lab

You're part of a multigenerational team looking for a co-pilot to help hire, train, and retain your next-generation of advisor talent. You need an outsourced partner with personalized training plans, accountability, and coaching to successfully launch the career of your next new advisor.

Ready for Liftoff

Recruiting Consulting

You are a leader of a growing team or OSJ who is looking to add experienced advisors and you need support to find the right ones. I consult teams on how their image and value proposition is perceived in the marketplace to better position you to attract the right advisors.                

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Broker Dealer Breakups

All the signs are there that it's time to break up! Your firm doesn't celebrate you, or they control your time or your money. I'm here to educate and guide advisors through the breakup process and match them to the right opportunities. Breakups are hard, but you are usually better off on the other side. 

Time to Break Up


If you're looking for a workshop or key note speaker I've got some great tools to share with your audience that will help them think about hiring differently. Most audiences I speak to are financial advisors and other financial services professionals. I'm also available for podcasts.

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Next Gen in 10

You're a next-gen advisor looking for a podcast that's just for you! We've curated a line-up of experts who are working to make the industry a better and more transparent place for all of us. Plus, they share their secrets to success so you can steal them and make them your own. 

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Want to learn more about how we can work together? I would love to chat with you 1:1